Russian Church to be involved in environmental protection. It urges to develop environmentally friendly agrarian production in monasteries and villain parishes

The Moscow Patriarchate is going to work out its own ecological program.

"Ecological program can be singled out as a special trend in diocesan and parochial work," the draft of "The Basis of the Ecological Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church" reads.

The document is posted on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate, the discussion is welcomed and everyone can comment on it. It is also sent to dioceses in order to get commentaries.

The Church speaks for setting up a specialized church structure that will be systematically involved in ecological work, support church environmental projects and contribute to exchanging ecological experience among various church organizations.

"Orthodox believers are urged to contribute to working out and introducing technologies and methods of administration oriented on environmental protection and also participate in state and public ecological initiatives, support ecologically oriented programs, projects and drafts, help promote, introduce and implement them," the document says.

The Church also has right to critically evaluate actions of authorities, public organizations and scientific structures that may have negative influence on human health and nature.

"The theme of ecology should become a component of mission and pastoral work. It is important to provide practical support to volunteer actions, for instance, refuse collection in public territories, rivers and ponds clearing, gardening of streets, squares, parks and woodland zones. It is useful to organize ecological competitions and support their winners in realizing their projects," the Church officials believe.

According to the authors, development of environmentally friendly agrarian production in monasteries and villain parishes should be an example of efficient nature management for surrounding farms.