Congrauations to Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, the newly-elected President of the European Commission, by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk

Dear Mr. Juncker,

I congratulate you on being approved by the European Parliament as President of the European Commission.

It is a key post in the hierarchy of economic and political institutions of the European Union. The vector of the development of the whole European community depends on political will of the head of the European Commission. That is why it is very important to adjust the Commission’s decisions to the cultural and historical context, in which the peoples of the European continent live and which is based on Christian values and human rights and freedoms, and to provide opportunities for people to uphold without any hindrance their religious and cultural identity.

Today Europe is facing an unprecedented challenge, aimed against the spiritual foundations of the European society: the traditional institution of family and marriage is being trampled, euthanasia and prostitution are being treated with tolerance, and the understanding of the freedom of conscience principle is changing. In this situation, the peoples of our continent expect public and political figures to respect their traditions and their choice of the world outlook. It is gratifying to know that the European Commission has a proven mechanism of cooperation with Churches and religious communities, which helps to give a timely response to the abovementioned challenges. Annual meetings between the leadership of the European Commission and religious leaders should draw attention of the general public to the issues of public morality and inform the heads of the European institutions of the position of religious leaders. We believe that further development of the dialogue in this area will help preserve the fundamental values of the peoples of our continent. I rely on your support in this matter.

For many years, our Church has had her Representation in Brussels, whose goal is to develop partnership relations with the European Union institutions. I hope that we will continue to promote our fruitful cooperation.

I wish you blessed success in your work for the benefit of all European people.

Your faithfully,

Metropolitan of Volokolamsk
Department for External Church Relations
Moscow Patriarchate