Condolences of the Conference of european churches for explositions in the St. Petersburg metro station

To His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’

Your Beatitude,

In the name of the Conference of european churches, please accept our deepest condolences for the tragedy that has occurred in the St. Petersburg metro station. We mourn the deaths of victims, raising our deepest prayers for their eternal peace. We would also like to express our solidarity with the residents of the city, and we pray for them to be strong in such a calamitous moment. There is no justification for the violence that took place against the men, women, young people, and children of one of Europe’s biggest cities.

We would like to join your church to conduct a prayer for peace and to be its loyal servants – not only in our cities and in countries, on the European continent, but in the entire world. We are approaching the Holy Week and Easter, when we will recall and conduct the Holy Sacraments of the Passions and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In anticipation of these holy days, we would like to express our unwavering solidarity with Your Church and our prayers for your congregation and all people of good will in Russia.

We humbly solicit your blessing and your holy prayers from Your Beautitude,

Bishop Christopher Hill

Archpriest Heikki Theodor Huttunen
General Secretary