Meetings between the Orthodox Church Leaders and the President of the European Council Mr. Herman Van Rompuy

Brussels, September 21, 2012

The Primates of the Orthodox Churches of the Middle East, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa Mr. Theodoros II, Patriarch of Jerusalem Mr. Theofilos III and Archbishop of Cyprus Mr. Chysostomos II, and by representing also the Patriarch of Antioch Mr. Ignatius IV, met on Friday 21 September 2012 with the President of the European Council Mr. H. V. Rompuy at the European Council in order to discuss the problems of Middle East and especially of the areas of constant conflicts (Syria, Lebanon).

Today’s tragic situation put in question the residence and survival of Christian’s population in those historical areas they lived for millenniums. Their future is unknown in countries with new constitutions (ex. Egypt) or constant conflicts (Syria, Lebanon).

The President Mr. H. V. Rompuy noted that those anxieties concern also the European Council and they are working for the safeguard of human rights and religious freedom of the Middle East’s minorities and Christians, especially in those where the situation is still under a process. He also expressed his joy for the Primates initiative to visit the European institutions in Brussels and to inform the Presidents and the European Officials for the ongoing important situation of Christians.